In Romania, the wreckage of a drone was found again after the Russian attack on the south of Ukraine

Sofiia Telishevska

New wreckage of drones, which Russia uses to attack southern Ukraine, was found in the Tulcea county of Romania. A special team arrived at the site of the wreckage to take it for examination, as "Digi24" reports.

Around five in the morning on September 13, law enforcement officers received information about an explosion and the fall of drones in the area.

Romaniaʼs Defense Ministry said it was monitoring the air situation in real time as Russian forces overnight attacked Ukrainian port infrastructure in Reni and Izmail, near the border between Ukraine and Romania.

Then the Ministry of Defense confirmed that fragments of a drone were found in the area of Nuferu and Viktoriya settlements in Tulcea county, which flew several tens of meters.

Earlier this month, Romania twice recorded wreckage of Russian drones on its territory.