Meet Babel shareholders

The story of the renewed Babel began on March 11, 2020. We relaunched the website with new shareholders. Kateryna Kobernyk, the founder of the site, and the first editor-in-chief Glib Gusiev, each kept 25% of the shares. The Slovak company IG bought the other half.

What is this company, and who is behind it? People who support quality media and believe that the country and society will be worse off without them. Who are they?

Dmytro Melnyk and Serhii Mostenets are entrepreneurs who are engaged in the auto business, and during the full-scale war, they also help the army. Serhii received the President’s award Golden Heart for the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another person there is Vadym Makhomed, the founder of the well-known company ideil in Lutsk. His team made a lot of cool apps, websites, and of course Babel. And also there is Dmytro Novak, the first director of Babel. In 2021, the distribution of shares changed — Glib’s share was bought by IG, and 25% remained with Kateryna.

This is our short story. If you want to know more, ask us.