”Weʼre not going to tell you everything we do.” In France, it was hinted that they are secretly training the Ukrainian military

Anna Kholodnova

The adviser to the Minister of Defense of France, Sébastien Lecornu, hinted that his country conducts training for the Ukrainian military.

Politico writes about it.

According to the official data of the French government, since the beginning of the war, France has conducted training for 40 Ukrainian soldiers. They were mainly trained to work with the French Caesar self-propelled guns.

According to an adviser to the Minister of Defense, French President Emmanuel Macron wants to remain a "balancing force" during Russiaʼs war against Ukraine.

"Emmanuel Macron was very clear — Ukraine will win and must win, but Russia cannot be humiliated. Our line is to show our solidarity with Ukraine and help it achieve victory — but if not, to be able to play a role when the conflict ends," said Sébastien Lecornu.

He hinted that other "specialized" French-led training could take place in secret.

“The United Kingdom has decided to go ahead with basic training. We provide more specialized training. Weʼre not going to tell you everything we do," the adviser said.