The events of July 11 in a review: the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the Russian Federation in Kherson oblast, a collaborator was blown up in Kharkiv oblast, more dead were found in Chasiv Yar

Dmytro Rayevskyi

From the very beginning of Russiaʼs full-scale war against Ukraine, "Babel" conducts live coverage of the events every day and promptly informs about the main news in ou Twiter. We also do a digest of the dayʼs highlights in case you werenʼt able to follow along online.

At night, the Russians hit a residential high-rise in the center of Kharkiv with a rocket. One entrance to the house was completely destroyed. One woman was rescued from the rubble — there are no other victims. Six people were killed and 31 wounded in Kharkiv during the day from the shelling from the anti-aircraft missile system. The occupiers shelled Dnipropetrovsk oblast, damaged a house in Maryanka, no one was injured. As a result of the projectile hitting the barn, cattle that were raised for slaughter in the fall were injured — several animals died. In addition, the occupiers launched a missile attack on Odesa oblast — four missiles were fired from planes over the occupied Crimea. One of the rockets hit the building.

The number of confirmed victims from yesterdayʼs Russian missile attack on the city of Chasiv Yar is increasing. Currently, it is known about 31 dead and nine wounded who were pulled out from under the rubble of a multi-story building. Search operations are ongoing — rescuers have dismantled 65% of the debris.

The Ukrainian military struck two Russian command posts in southern Ukraine. The enemyʼs mobile command post, radars and antennas, air defense systems were destroyed. Two ammunition depots of the Russian army were also destroyed. In addition, the UAF finally gained a foothold in the village of Ivanivka, Kherson oblast.

A small part of Luhansk oblast remains under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and continues to resist. In order to identify points of resistance, the invaders throw "cannon fodder" at death.

Russian troops occupied the Askania-Nova Animal Husbandry Institute. The flag of the Russian Federation was hung on the building, and the so-called new director was introduced to the staff. The Russians encourage the employees of the institute to cooperate, but only the guards and some scientists volunteered for this.

The occupation administration of Melitopol reported about an attempted murder on the collaborator Andrii Siguta, who was a member of the pro-Russian Opposition Platform — For Life political party. His house was fired upon, but the collaborator survived. The occupiers say that the attacker was killed during the detention.

Russian propaganda media reported the death of the so-called head of the administration of Velykyi Burluk village of Kharkiv oblast. Collaborator Yevhen Yunakov was blown up in a car near the local administration.

Former member of parliament Yevhen Balytskyi, who was appointed by the Russians as the "head" of the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia oblast, supervises the theft of grain. To steal it and take it out of the region, the Russians created a "state unitary company" whose activities are controlled by Balytskyi.

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan , had a telephone conversation with the President of the Russian Federation, Putin. They discussed Russiaʼs war against Ukraine and the creation of safe corridors for the export of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea. The Turkish side believes that the time has come to create a corridor according to the UN plan. Separately, Erdogan said that the war between Ukraine and Russia should be ended through negotiations.

Putin simplified the issuance of Russian passports to all citizens of Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that this decree is another encroachment on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country and indicates the continuation of the Kremlinʼs course to seize Ukraine and assimilate the Ukrainian nation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said in a statement.