Russian troops seized the Institute of Animal Husbandry “Askania-Nova”

Kostia Andreikovets

Russian troops seized the Askania-Nova Animal Husbandry Institute, which is located in the temporarily occupied Kherson oblast.

This is reported by the National Police, which opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Art. 438 of the Criminal Code (violation of the laws and customs of war).

"The institute is a powerful scientific research center of southern Ukraine for the problems of animal husbandry, where new highly productive breeds of farm animals have been bred for centuries. Now the Russians invaded there, whose goal is to loot the institute and enrich themselves at the expense of the achievements of scientists and researchers. The majority of scientists did not volunteer to cooperate with the occupiers," the message reads.

In the administrative building of the institute, the occupiers hung the Russian flag and introduced the "director of the enterprise" to the staff, who previously worked at the Kherson customs office. The Russians encourage the employees of the institute to cooperate, but only the guards and some scientists volunteered for this.