NDTV: Putin promised the Prime Minister of India to return all Indians whom the Russian Federation sent to the war against Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

Russian leader Vladimir Putin personally promised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to release from the Russian army all Indians who signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense.

This is reported by the Indian television company NDTV with reference to sources.

The topic of Indians in the Russian army and their participation in the war against Ukraine was raised by Modi at a private dinner in Moscow, where he arrived on a two-day visit on July 8. Interlocutors of the television company say that Moscow agreed not only to release the Indians from the army, but also to facilitate their return to their homeland.

According to NDTV, about two dozen Indian citizens participated or are participating in the war against Ukraine. At least two have already died. The television company notes that the Indians were forced to fight by deception — they were promised high-paying jobs, but ended up signing bonded contracts.