BBC: Russia is recruiting Serbs into the army and involved the son of the former president of Yugoslavia Milošević

Anhelina Sheremet

Serbian mercenaries are being recruited into the Russian army. They are registered in the Moscow region and enrolled in the 106th Airborne Division.

This is stated in the material of the Russian BBC service.

In particular, Serbian commander Davor Savicic, who has been fighting in eastern Ukraine since 2014, the leader of the "Night Wolves" Oleksandr "Surgeon" Zaldostanov, who has ties to far-right Serbian circles, and the son of the former president of Yugoslavia, Marko Milosevic, who lives in Russia, are engaged in recruitment..

Serbs who fly to Russia are accommodated in a temporary dormitory next to the ski stadium in Krasnohorsk (Moscow region), a special notary must deal with all their documents, and they draw up contracts in the city of Korolev.

The suburbs of Moscow were chosen because the region did not cope with the mobilization indicators set before it.

The BBC also writes that Serbian commander Davor Savicic announced plans to create a full-fledged Serbian brigade as part of the 106th Airborne Division by the fall of 2023, recruiting up to a thousand Serbian citizens to it. However, so far, according to journalists, about a hundred people managed to complete the registration, after which the process was frozen.