Gas leakage has stopped at both Nord Stream gas pipelines

Sofiia Telishevska

On Sunday, October 2, gas leakage from several pipes of "Nord Stream — 1" stopped, the pressure on the gas pipeline stabilized.

This is reported by the Danish Energy Agency on Twitter.

"Nord Stream AG has informed the Danish Energy Agency that stable pressure has now been achieved on two lines of the Nord Stream," the agency said in a statement.

This indicates that gas escape from the last two leaks is also complete.

The day before, the gas leak from the Nord Stream — 2 gas pipeline stopped.

  • On September 26, in one day, the Russians recorded a drop in pressure at once on two of their gas pipelines to Europe — on "Nord Stream" and "NordStream — 2", which were never put into operation. Both gas pipelines are almost not working and are not pumping gas from Russia to Europe. "Nord Stream — 2" was never launched due to the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, but "Nord Stream" was almost completely stopped in the summer allegedly due to problems found. Initially, three gas leaks were recorded on the pipelines, and already on September 29, Sweden reported a fourth leak.
  • The countries of the EU, the USA, and NATO believe that the pipelines were sabotaged. Seismologists said that they recorded underwater explosions in the leakage zones.
  • Citing sources in British intelligence, The Times newspaper wrote that the "Nord Streams" were attacked by Russian underwater drones. Russiaʼs involvement is under investigation. In the Russian Federation itself, traditionally, all accusations are rejected.