The Russians found problems on two Nord Streams in one day

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Russians recorded a drop in pressure at once on two of their gas pipelines to Europe — on the "Nord Stream" and "Nord Stream — 2", which were never put into operation.

The Russian Interfax writes about it.

First, in the afternoon, the Russians reported on the problems with "North Stream — 2". The dispatcher of the onshore gas pipeline site recorded a sharp drop in pressure in the pipeline. The coastal services of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia were immediately informed about this. Later it became known that the depressurization of the gas pipeline occurred in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark.

And already in the evening, the operator of the "Nord Stream" gas pipeline reported a decrease in gas pressure on this gas pipeline as well — and simultaneously on both lines. The reasons are currently being investigated.

Both gas pipelines are almost not working and are not pumping gas from Russia to Europe. "Nord Stream — 2" was never launched due to the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, but "Nord Stream" was almost completely stopped in the summer allegedly due to problems found. In the West, they wanted to make an exception to the sanctions and transfer the turbines to the Russians, but this has not yet happened.

Russia is expected to start energy blackmail of Europe after the onset of cold weather, reducing or stopping gas supplies. This is supposed to force the West to stop helping Ukraine and sit down at the negotiating table with the Kremlin.