SBU showed new evidence of the attack on Okhmatdyt by a Russian Kh-101 missile

Kostia Andreikovets

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) presented new evidence that the capitalʼs Okhmatdyt Childrenʼs Hospital was destroyed on July 8 by a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile launched by a bomber during a massive missile attack on Ukraine.

The press service of SBU published a photo of the wreckage of the missile and claims that they found:

  • a fragment of the X-101 rocket wing opening mechanism;
  • a fragment of the X-101 missile jamming unit;
  • the middle part of the hull of the Kh-101 cruise missile;
  • fairing of the tail compartment and a fragment of the hydroblock of the Kh-101 cruise missile;
  • fragments of the engine casing of the Kh-101 cruise missile with inventory and serial numbers displayed.

The intelligence service is convinced that it was a targeted missile attack — this is indicated by the flight path, the nature of the damage and numerous videos taken by eyewitnesses and already analyzed by the OSINT community and specialized portals.

On the day of the attack on July 8, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation officially announced that the strikes on Ukraine were a response to attacks on Russian energy facilities. The department claimed that the rockets hit the military industry and airbases, and the destruction of the Okhmatdyt hospital and the destruction of residential high-rise buildings were called by the Ministry of Defense "hysterics of the Kyiv regime on the eve of the meeting (summit) of patrons from NATO."

Russian propaganda, federal channels and so-called warlords began to promote the version that the hospital was hit by an AIM-120 anti-aircraft missile of the NASAMS anti-aircraft complex or a missile from the American Patriot complex, which are protecting the capital.

SBU notes that large-scale destruction — the destruction of the two-story building of the hospital and significant damage to the surrounding buildings — is not characteristic of an air defense missile, but the Kh-101 with a warhead weight of 400 kg can do this. Also, the shape and dimensions of the missile in the attack video match the X-101 — the NASAMS and Patriot missiles have no wings. As for the missileʼs flight path, it fully corresponds to the characteristics of the Kh-101 (acceleration (or "slide") before attacking the target and impact at an angle of 60 degrees). In addition, SBU adds, the flight of X-101 towards the hospital was detected by radars.