Russia informed about the termination of the “grain agreement”

Anna Kholodnova

Russia informed about the termination of the "grain agreement".

This is reported by Radio Liberty.

Putinʼs press secretary Dmytro Peskov said that "in fact, the Black Sea Agreements have ceased to operate." According to him, Russia is allegedly ready to return to the "grain agreement", but under the condition that "the agreement will be fulfilled".

The representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova reported that today Russia allegedly "officially notified Turkey and Ukraine of objections to the continuation of the "grain agreement".

  • From May 17, the "grain agreement" between the UN, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia was extended for two months. Already in June, the Russian Federation began to block the agreement and did not register ships entering the ports of Ukraine.
  • At the beginning of July, Ukraine accused the Russian Federation of another disruption and creating a queue in the Bosphorus — Russia completely stopped the registration of the incoming fleet, blocking 29 ships with 1.4 million tons of food, mainly for Asian and African countries.
  • The authorities of the Russian Federation demand, in exchange for the extension of the agreement, to reconnect the sanctioned Rossilhospbank to the SWIFT global financial messaging system and to ease sanctions against Russian food, fertilizers and agricultural machinery.
  • The Financial Times wrote that the European Union can connect a subsidiary of Rossilhospbank to SWIFT so that Russia can continue the agreement. The idea of creating an affiliated company was declared by Moscow during negotiations with the participation of UN representatives. The issue was also discussed by EU leaders at the summit in Brussels last week. Some officials say that now Russiaʼs threats to terminate the agreement are more serious than before.