Canada imposed sanctions against 36 Russians and 16 citizens. List of actors, artists, and media related to “Wagnerʼs PMC”

Kostia Andreikovets

Canada introduced new sanctions against Russians who support or facilitate Russian aggression against Ukraine. The list includes 38 individuals and 16 legal entities. Their assets in the country will be frozen, and individuals will be banned from entering Canada.

Singers Nikolai Baskov, Dima Bilan and Oleg Gazmanov, actor Mikhail Boyarskyi, humorist Mykhailo Galustyan, as well as singers Polina Gagarina, Nadia Babkina and Iryna Allegrova were sanctioned.

Also on the list are propagandists Yevgeny Piddubny, Andriy Kolesnikov, Serhiy Brilev, Tetiana Mitkova, and State Duma deputy Oleksandr Khinshtein.

Restrictions have also been introduced against the Tsargrad and Rossiya Segodnya media groups, SouthFront resources, Inforos, Geopolitika, Strategic Culture Fund, RIA Novosti and others.