WSJ: The Pentagon rejected Ukraineʼs request for the transfer of the “Gray Eagle” attack drones

Kostia Andreikovets

At the current stage of Russiaʼs war against Ukraine, the U.S. is not ready to hand over long-range MQ-1C Gray Eagle strike drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which can be armed with Hellfire air-to-ground guided missiles. The Pentagon rejected Ukraineʼs request.

This was reported by The Wall Street Journal with reference to the U.S. officials and officials familiar with the decision.

The newspaper writes that Ukraine has been asking for these drones for several months, but the Pentagon fears that providing the Gray Eagle could lead to an escalation of the conflict and signal to Russia that the U.S. is providing weapons that can attack targets inside the Russian Federation.

The United States also fears that the probable loss of the Gray Eagle on the battlefield will allow the Russians and the enemies of the United States to learn and obtain advanced technology.

A representative of the General Atomics (manufacturer of the Gray Eagle) confirmed that the company had been informed of the Pentagonʼs decision.