Ukrainians have won almost 400 lawsuits regarding compensation for damages from Russia

Olha Bereziuk

Ukrainian courts have passed at least 397 decisions on compensation for damages caused by Russiaʼs military aggression since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. All these lawsuits were filed against the Russian Federation.

This was reported by the digital service for the analysis of state data "Opendatabot".

The number of such cases is steadily increasing: in 2022 there were 44 of them, and in 2023 there were already 262 decisions.

In the three months of 2024, 91 court decisions were added to the register regarding the compensation of the Russian Federation for losses caused by the war.

In 2024, at least 487 cases against the aggressor country are already under consideration, of which 310 cases are initiated by citizens and 177 by businesses.

Most of the decisions concern penalties in favor of people — 292, another 105 decisions were issued in favor of businesses.

"Opendatabot" notes that the real implementation of these decisions is currently impossible, because there is simply no corresponding mechanism. However, starting today, April 2, the International Register of Losses opens in The Hague. So, citizens who have suffered as a result of the war with the Russian Federation after the start of the full-scale invasion can file a claim for free through “Diia” application.

It is only necessary to provide the necessary information about the victims, their property and damage, as well as an assessment of the damage and additional evidence to confirm the information stated in the application.

  • At the moment, the "eRecovery" program is operating in Ukraine to receive compensation for destroyed or damaged housing. On August 1, 2023, "Diia" started accepting relevant applications. In October 2023, Ukrainians who restored housing at their own expense received the right to compensation under the "eRecovery" service, and the "eRecovery" service is now available to people with jointly owned housing.
  • Since December, Ukrainians with housing certificates for compensation for destroyed property have had the opportunity to apply for the reservation of money to buy a new home — a house or an apartment. The exchange of housing certificate for housing is already working on the single portal of public services "Diia".
  • On January 3, 2024, the first family used a certificate to obtain a new home instead of the destroyed one. It was a family from Hostomel, now moving to a new one in Bucha, the Kyiv region. As of the beginning of February, 500 families received a new home instead of a destroyed one thanks to the program "eRecovery".