Ukraine evacuated the first group of 43 Ukrainians from the Gaza Strip

Liza Brovko

Ukraine successfully evacuated the first group of 43 Ukrainian citizens from the Gaza Strip.

This was reported by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Evacuated Ukrainians are safe in Egypt. Ukrainian diplomats help them there.

Ukraine also helped evacuate 36 citizens of Moldova.

"We are glad to help our friendly neighbor," Zelensky wrote.

Currently, the evacuation of Ukrainians is ongoing. Ukrainian embassies in Israel and Egypt are working on this. New groups of Ukrainians are to be deported on November 8 and 9.

Later, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleh Nikolenko added that the consuls met the Ukrainians at the "Rafah" checkpoint and transported them to the place of temporary stay. Now the consuls are preparing a flight for Ukrainians to one of the countries neighboring Ukraine.

Earlier, it became known that 358 people were expected to leave the Gaza Strip, mostly women and children.

  • Israel conducts the military operation "Iron Swords" in the Gaza Strip in response to the attack of the groups Hamas and "Islamic Jihad" on the south of Israel on October 7. Then, as a result of the jihadist attack, 1 400 civilians were killed, and almost 250 people were taken hostage and taken to Gaza. More than 250 IDF soldiers also died.
  • Israeli troops officially entered the northern territories of the Gaza Strip on October 28. A new phase of the war was announced that day. On November 2, army engineers began a large-scale operation to destroy Hamas tunnels, and on November 5, Israeli forces announced that Gaza City was completely surrounded.
  • On October 14, Ukraine began evacuating its citizens who are in Israel. Then 207 citizens of Ukraine, including 63 children, flew from Tel Aviv to Bucharest. The second evacuation plane with 155 citizens of Ukraine left Israel on October 16. On the same day, a third evacuation flight took place with 74 Ukrainians on board. For the fourth time, 79 citizens of Ukraine were taken from Israel to Romania by charter flight.