Ukraine suspended consideration of the WTO complaint against Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

Anna Kholodnova

The Deputy Minister of Economy, trade representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka informed that Kyiv has suspended consideration of the complaint against Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

He told journalists in Brussels about this, writes "Interfax-Ukraine".

"This is generally a question of the functioning of trade between Ukraine and the EU. We see that this problem [of export of Ukrainian agricultural products] will be eliminated in the coming weeks and months. There will be lots of news about how the licensing regime is changing, etc. It will be very active work," Kachka noted.

He emphasized that now Ukraine is conducting consultations, but not a dispute at the WTO.

"We are not in a dispute. We have not formalized a working body for conducting the dispute, we are at the stage of consultations. We sent this case [to the WTO], and there are 60 days for consultations," he explained.

According to Kachka, Kyiv has already settled the issue of customs clearance of goods transiting through five neighboring countries. The official called it a great joint achievement.

Speaking about the situation with Poland, Kachka expressed hope that the parties will be able to return to discussing the export of agricultural products after the elections.