Commander of the Air Force: Ukrainian aviation struck Sevastopol

Sofiia Telishevska

Air Force Commander Mykola Oleschuk said that the attack on the temporarily occupied Sevastopol was carried out by Ukrainian aviation on the night of September 13. He also hinted at the work of Storm Shadow missiles, noting that the Russians are still "storming" after the attack on Sevastopol.

Oleschuk thanked the Ukrainian pilots for "excellent combat work". "More to come," he emphasized.

The representative Andriy Yusov confirmed in a comment to "Babel" that as a result of a night attack on the Ordzhonikidze ship repair plant in Sevastopol, two vessels were damaged. We are talking about the diesel-electric submarine "Rostov-on-Don" and the large landing ship "Minsk".

  • The occupiers are carefully deploying their ships in the waters of the Black Sea because they are afraid of strikes by Ukrainian water drones. At the same time, the occupiers retain the practice of using missile carriers directly from the basing bays.
  • Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the occupiers have lost 19 ships and boats in the war, including the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Moscow missile cruiser. His Armed Forces were hit on April 13, 2022 by Ukrainian Neptune missiles. As a result, the cruiser sank.