After the attack on Chernihiv, the head of “Victory Drones” Berlinska will not organize events without security protocols from the state

Liza Brovko

In an interview with Babel, the head of the “Victory Drones” project Maria Berlinska said that she will not co-organize events with any military-civilian administration (MCA) until the state provides clear safety protocols.

According to her, the closed meeting in Chernihiv, which was attacked by Russia with a missile, was organized by her and the team together with the MCA.

"I will demand from the authorities to give specific security protocols. It is important that we learn from these terrible tragic consequences. The moral responsibility will be on me for the rest of my life," noted Berlinska and added that she currently does not know whether the authorities are developing such protocols.

She urged her colleagues to suspend any mass events on security and defense issues, if possible.

  • On Saturday, August 19, around 11:30 a.m., Russian troops fired a ballistic missile, probably Iskander-M, into the center of Chernihiv. The impact fell on the drama theater on the main square of the city — the rocket hit almost close to the building.
  • At that time, the "Angry Birds" drone exhibition was taking place in the theater. The initiator of the event, veteran Maria Berlinska, said that the event was announced publicly, but the specific location was announced only to registered and verified participants a few hours before the event. The poster of the exhibition stated that it was held in cooperation with the regional military administration.
  • The strike killed 7 people and injured 129, including 15 children and 15 policemen.