The government simplified the import of spare parts for military equipment

Anna Kholodnova

The Cabinet of Ministers simplified the import of components for military equipment. From now on, it is possible to import specially designed or modified spare parts for military purposes without the permission of the State Export Control Service.

The government made the relevant decision at a meeting on August 11, the press service of the Ministry of Economy reported.

"To the list of goods of military purpose and dual use that can be imported without the permission of the State Export Control, we add components and spare parts for ground military equipment. In particular, we are talking about components for tanks, armored personnel carriers, specially equipped vehicles. We are also adding components for manned aircraft to the list," noted the Economy Minister Yuliia Svyrydenko.

At the same time, the control over the export of components remains valid, in accordance with the international obligations assumed by Ukraine.

Any enterprise with the appropriate capacities and specialists was allowed to repair military equipment.