Ombudsman Lubinets: Hungary and Russia are preparing an information campaign about Ukraineʼs “reluctance” to exchange prisoners

Anhelina Sheremet

Hungary and Russia are preparing an operation to discredit Ukraine in order to accuse them of unwillingness to exchange prisoners of war. Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets stated this during a telethon on June 22.

"In my opinion, this is Hungaryʼs playing along with Russian propaganda. Now, according to my information, they are planning to launch a psychological operation to discredit the authorities of Ukraine, that the Russian Federation is allegedly ready to hand over Ukrainian prisoners of war, but the problem in Ukraine is that there is no initiative. But I can confirm that new initiatives regarding new exchanges are constantly taking place on the part of Ukraine, that we want to conduct an exchange of all for all," Dmytro Lubinets noted.

Ukrainian diplomats are now trying to establish contact with eight military personnel, but Hungary does not allow diplomats to visit them, and has also limited their circle of communication and taken away the mobile phones they gave to contact relatives. Lubinets noted that some soldiers were visited by relatives.

Lubinets emphasized that Hungary violated international law, because it is impossible to simply take and take away prisoners of war from the territory of the Russian Federation. Even if there were humanitarian motives for this, they should have informed Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross about it first of all.