91% of shelters were checked in Kyiv. They will be removed from the lease if there is no access there

Anna Kholodnova

91% of shelters and warehouses were checked in Kyiv — thatʼs 4.2 thousand out of 4.6 thousand available. A third of them turned out to be unsuitable, the Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) Petro Panteleev informed.

It is possible to use almost 2.9 thousand shelters. Another 736 – can be shelters provided they are put in order, 578 – do not meet regulatory requirements.

According to the deputy head of the KCSA, staying in 14% of shelters is impossible and dangerous.

"We know what basements there are in the city of Kyiv. Sometimes the ceiling is too low, sometimes there are main pipelines for heating and hot water supply, the water is under high pressure, which creates a danger and makes it impossible to use such premises for shelter," Panteleev noted.

On June 9, the Kyiv City Council decided to remove privately owned shelters if people cannot get there. This will be done within a day, if there is no access to the shelter.

The Kyiv City Council also sent an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the establishment of criminal liability for preventing people from entering shelters for owners, users and balance-keepers of all forms of ownership.

In addition, in Kyiv, it is planned to equip about three thousand shelters and warehouses with an automated opening system, so that access to the shelters during an air raid is guaranteed.