Kyiv City State Administration announced that from now on, all shelters will be permanently open. This is not the first promise

Sofiia Telishevska

The Director of the Department of Municipal Security of the Kyiv City State Administration, Roman Tkachuk, stated that the administration has no other option but to keep shelters in the city open at all times.

According to him, the decision that the shelters would be open permanently was made today.

"Prior to that, there was talk that we couldnʼt keep them open all the time because renovations were done there. Homeless people will organize a shelter there... But we have no other choice but to keep them open all the time. Because in the last few days, we started receiving strikes from ballistic missiles," he said.

Tkachuk added that inspections of bomb shelters have been taking place since 2014. During this time, almost 13,000 basements were checked in the city, but only about 3,500 met the initial requirements for their use as protective structures. The last storage facility in Kyiv was built in 1985.