German Defense Minister: Germany will review the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine, but does not plan to supply long-range Taurus missiles

Anna Kholodnova

The German government may reconsider its position regarding the possible supply of modern Western fighter jets to Ukraine.

This was stated by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius in an interview with DW.

"Now we are in the phase of rethinking and checking what is possible and what we want and can do. And I think we will decide within the next two weeks," he noted.

According to Pistorius, Germany should rethink its own policy of recent decades.

"German society, German politics really changed their minds. If someone had told me two years ago that Germany would supply €3-5 billion worth of heavy weapons, I would not have believed it," he emphasized.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense of Germany again denied the possibility of the future transfer of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine.

Responding to a question about fears about Ukraineʼs use of German weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation, Pistorius noted that international law allows this to be done for the purpose of self-defense. According to him, Berlin and Washington have always emphasized that they would not want their weapons to be used in Russia. At the same time, the minister said that he "completely trusts Ukrainian partners."