AP: Israel may be behind explosions at a military plant in Iran

Anna Kholodnova

The military plant in Iran was allegedly struck by Israeli drones, the Associated Press writes. Israel has not yet commented on this information.

This happened amid tensions over Tehranʼs nuclear program. In November, Iran began enriching uranium to 60% at the Fordow nuclear facility and plans to further expand its nuclear capacity. This could pave the way for the country to develop nuclear weapons.

Great Britain, France and Germany condemned Iranʼs nuclear plans and called them a challenge to the global non-proliferation system.

On the night of January 29, a powerful explosion occurred at a military plant producing ammunition in the Iranian province of Isfahan. Earlier, the Royal Joint Institute for Defense Research wrote that the Shahed Aviation Industries research center, which deals with drones used by Russia to attack Ukraine, is located near Isfahan.

According to media reports, four military facilities in Iran were attacked, including a defense plant in the city of Isfahan, another in the city of Khoi, and a petrochemical plant in the cities of Azershehr and Kerej, Alborz province.

Iranʼs Ministry of Defense acknowledged the attack on the factory in Isfahan and said that the plant was hit by drones. The Iranian agency claims that there is minor damage to the roof of one of the plantʼs workshops, but no one was injured.

According to Reuters, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan announced that the staff and families of the Embassy of Azerbaijan will be evacuated from the capital of Iran, Tehran, on Sunday, January 29.