The Senate of the Czech Republic voted to train the Ukrainian military in the country

Anna Kholodnova

Czech senators supported conducting exercises for the Ukrainian military on the territory of the country.

This was reported by Radio Prague International.

Thus, in 2023, up to four thousand Ukrainian soldiers will be able to train in the Czech Republic. According to the government document, five four-week courses will be held there, in each of which up to 800 Ukrainian military personnel will take part.

The upper chamber of the Senate also supported the decision to send Czech military personnel to train Ukrainians in other EU countries — up to 55 instructors can be sent there.

  • Currently, Great Britain is conducting the largest training mission for the Armed Forces (training of 10,000 soldiers) on its territory. Specialists from more than 10 countries are involved in it. The EU agreed to launch the mission on October 17.
  • There is also training in Spain, where the Ukrainian military is mastering Aspide anti-aircraft missile systems. In Germany, Ukrainians master armored vehicles.
  • According to CNN, the administration of US President Joe Biden is considering a major expansion of the Ukrainian military training program in Germany.