Intelligence: Thanks to the satellite purchased by the Prytula fund, it was possible to scout 150 areas of the enemyʼs location

Oleg Panfilovych

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense conducted a space reconnaissance of enemy objects.

This is reported on the Intelligence page.

The office carried out space radar reconnaissance of about 150 areas where the enemy was located. "This became possible thanks to the cooperation with Charity Foundation of Serhii Prytula, who put the ICEYE satellite at the disposal of Ukrainian intelligence officers, as well as contractual access to the database of the SAR-satellite constellation," reports Intelligence.

They emphasized that thanks to the project, it was possible to identify and confirm about 2,600 pieces of military equipment. In particular: tanks, self-propelled artillery installations, armored combat vehicles, helicopters, operational-tactical complexes "Iskander", anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, anti-aircraft missile-cannon "Pantsir-S1", enemy radar stations, pontoon crossings, boats and tents in locations of enemy units.

"The data obtained with the help of a satellite made it possible to effectively determine the hidden location of the enemy in forest plantations, in any weather and at night," the HUR noted.

  • On June 24, volunteer Serhii Prytula reported that in three days, Ukrainians collected 600 million hryvnias through donations to purchase four Bayraktar drones. After that, the Baykar company announced that it would give three Bayraktar TB2s to the Armed Forces of Ukraine free of charge.
  • On August 18, volunteer Serhii Prytula reported that the money collected for Bayraktar TB2, which Ukraine ultimately received for free, was spent on the satellite. The ICEYE company will provide the government of Ukraine with all the capabilities of one of its search and rescue satellites, which are already in orbit. The SAR satellite will be operated by ICEYE. In addition, ICEYE will provide access to its group of SAR satellites, which will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to receive radar satellite images of critical locations with a high frequency of overflights.