WP: Documents seized from Trumpʼs residence contain classified information about China and Iran

Kostia Andreikovets

Among the documents seized from Donald Trumpʼs residence are a number of classified documents relating to secret intelligence on Iran and China.

This is reported by The Washington Post with reference to informed sources.

At least one of the documents describes Iranʼs missile program, while several others contain information about "highly sensitive intelligence work" related to China. One of the interlocutors emphasized that the information in the documents could "reveal the methods of intelligence gathering that the US wants to hide from the whole world."

If this information were leaked, agents, intelligence and entire operations would be at risk, and information-gathering methods would be compromised, the interlocutors say. They called the documents about China and Iran the most sensitive of all that FBI agents found in Trumpʼs residence.

Trump himself has not yet commented on it. His representatives declined to comment.

  • On August 9, Trump reported that his house in Florida was searched by FBI agents and the safe was broken into. The media reported that the search was related to an investigation into Trumpʼs misappropriation of White House documents that he could have taken to Mar-a-Lago.
  • Earlier, the National Archives said that Trump took 15 boxes of presidential records to his residence in Florida. The boxes allegedly contained "classified national security information" and official correspondence between Trump and other leaders. During the searches, the FBI found more than 11,000 different government documents, dozens of which are classified.
  • On August 23, Trump filed a lawsuit to halt the Justice Departmentʼs investigation. On August 26, the US Ministry of Justice made public the grounds for searches of Trumpʼs estate. The former president called it "cunning PR" and a "disgrace".
  • In September, the mass media wrote that one of the documents seized from Trumpʼs residence describes the nuclear potential of a foreign state.