Representative of the Ukrainian President in Crimea: Russians have staged raids on the peninsula and are mass mobilizing Crimean Tatars

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Russian occupation authorities in Crimea began conducting raids on places where Crimean Tatars live compactly. Men are issued summonses and taken to the military commissariats.

This was reported by the representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea, Tamila Tasheva.

"Yesterday and today, all settlements where Crimean Tatars live compactly are raided — on schools, markets, on "Krymopt" (mostly Crimean Tatars work there), in places where people gather: summonses are handed out, people are often loaded into cars and taken to military commissars Age — 18-50 years old, according to our sources, do not look at the diseases that the captured men tell them about, with the comment that "everyone is suitable now," she said.

In particular, in the village of Zuya, the occupiers entered the local school and handed out summonses to all male teachers of Crimean Tatar origin.

"They are actively distributing summonses in the villages of Azovske and Maiske, Dobre and throughout the valley, where a large number of Crimean Tatars live, the village of Harvest, Stroganivka and others," she says.

In total, the occupiers have already issued at least a thousand summonses throughout the peninsula. Tasheva urges Crimean Tatars to avoid places of mass gathering of people and even to skip obligatory prayers, despite their importance, because Russians do not care where to hand out summonses.