Kazakhstan will not provide refuge to Russians fleeing mobilization. In Belarus, such “fugitives” will catch and deport them to Russia

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

In Kazakhstan was announced that they will not issue residence permits to Russians fleeing mobilization. Any issuance of such documents will be coordinated with Moscow.

This was stated by the Speaker of the Parliament Maulen Ashimbaye “Radio Svoboda" (“Radio Liberty”) publication writes.

Law enforcement and migration authorities of Kazakhstan work in accordance with the law, considering the requests of foreign citizens, including Russians, to obtain such a permit.

"Our official institutions will not issue residence permits to persons who do not provide documents confirming that their countries of citizenship have no objections to their moving to Kazakhstan," Ashimbayev stated.

At the same time, the Security Forces in Belarus were instructed to look for Russians fleeing mobilization. The "Nasha Niva" publication, citing its own sources, says that on the evening of September 21, the Security Forces were given a verbal order to check all Russians entering the country.

"So far, at the level of verbal orders, it is possible to monitor "apartments for a day", contact with the owners of the houses. New cars in yards with Russian license plates are also ordered to be tracked, information collected, documents checked," one of the operatives told the publication.