The OC “South”: the Armed Forces of Ukraine trapped the Russians in the Kherson region. There are cases of appeals by the occupiersʼ units to surrender

Kostia Andreikovets

Russian troops are trapped by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south, the spokeswoman for the OC "South" Nataliia Humenyuk informed.

This is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

According to her, the Ukrainian troops keep the crossings and roads of the Kherson region under fire control — the occupiers understand that they are trapped, therefore they are extremely demoralized.

"They were offered a way out in the form of transitioning under the auspices of international humanitarian law or returning home, but it is necessary to understand how [...] They see that it is closer to move forward, laying down their arms, and moving to the exchange fund, than to move to the border. After all, Kherson region is far from the border with Russia, unlike Kharkiv region, and they have a significant obstacle on their way — the Dnipro River, which in principle is impassable for them at the moment," Humenyuk noted.

She added that there are already cases when the leadership of Russian units gets in touch with representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to negotiate a surrender. All such appeals are checked, as there may be various provocations.