The Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the liberation of 5 settlements in the Kherson region. In two weeks, they liberated 500 square kilometers

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed that five settlements in the Kherson region were liberated over the past two weeks. We are talking about Visokopillia, Novovoznesensk, Biloghirka, Sukhy Stavok and Myrolyubivka.

Natalya Humenyuk, spokeswoman for OC "Pivden", told about this at the briefing.

According to her, the Ukrainian military is advancing in different directions and has advanced from several to tens of kilometers deep into the occupied territory.

"The territory there has been cleared and additional measures are currently underway, but the population of these settlements is already completely under the jurisdiction of Ukraine," she emphasized.

However, Humenyuk stressed that it is still dangerous there, shelling continues, and the Russians have mined many territories.

In total, in two weeks, the Ukrainian military destroyed more than 1 800 occupiers and more than 500 units of armored vehicles in the Kherson region. In addition, two planes and two helicopters were destroyed.

  • On August 29, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a military operation in the Kherson region, which the media called a counteroffensive. Presumably, this is a preparatory operation for the liberation of the occupied territories of the south. The operations were preceded by massive strikes on the bridges, warehouses and headquarters of the occupiers.