General Staff: Belarus handed the Zyabrovka airfield under the control of the Russians

Anhelina Sheremet

Belarus handed the airfield "Zyabrovka" near Gomel under the control of the Russians. Oleksiy Hromov, Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stated this during a briefing on July 7.

"The airport "Zyabrovka" in Belarus is already fully controlled by the Russians. Currently, a Russian military base is being set up there. The missile division of the "Iskander-M" missile complex and the S-400 division are located on the territory of the airfield," said Oleksiy Hromov.

In the next month, they plan to send more Belarusian soldiers to Russia for training. At the same time, Oleksiy Gromov emphasized that the probability of the Belarusian military joining the war with Ukraine remains low.

In addition, Minsk is preparing to receive Russian S-400 complexes. Monitoring group "Belarusian Hajun" specifically reported that a military truck carrying three units of missiles for the S-300 air defense system was spotted on the M1 highway from Minsk in the direction of Brest.

  • The threat of missile strikes from Belarus will continue for another three months. The south of the country was closed to aviation until October. It is from the south of Belarus that rockets are launched into the territory of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, at least 689 warheads have been launched from Belarus to Ukrainian cities.
  • In June, the Presidentʼs Office announced that they were closely monitoring the Belarusian army. Ukraine has developed a scenario for the invasion of Belarusian troops, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for the "meeting". The Institute for the Study of War believes that Belarus is unlikely to attack Ukraine on behalf of Russia, because it does not have enough forces for this.