The United States will build granaries on the border of Ukraine to remove blocked grain by rail

Julia Sheredeha

The United States is working with European allies to remove blocked Ukrainian grain by rail. To do this, they are going to build granaries on the border of Ukraine.

This was stated by US President Joe Biden.

According to him, 20 million tons of grain are blocked in Ukraine, and it must be exported to reduce global food prices. However, he noted that grain cannot be exported by the Black Sea, as it will be blown up in the water.

"We have a plan: to take it through other countries by rail. But Ukraine has a system of railways similar to Russia — the track width is different from the track in Europe, so we will build temporary elevators on the border of Ukraine. With Poland including. In this way, we will be able to transport grain from Ukrainian cars to granaries, European cars and further into the ocean, "Biden said.