The Hungarian Foreign Ministry has put forward its own proposals to impose an embargo on Russian oil

Kostia Andreikovets

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has presented its own proposals for an embargo on Russian oil. They reiterated that the abandonment of Russian oil will lead to the collapse of their economy, as prices for fuel oil and fuel will rise significantly, which will lead to higher food prices.

According to Híradó, Foreign Minister Peter Siarto said that his country would support the oil embargo if certain conditions were met. These conditions include: the modernization of Hungaryʼs energy system, the reconstruction of Hungarian refineries and increasing the capacity of the oil pipeline from Croatia.

According to Siarto, the EU does not yet have options to meet the above conditions, as it requires billions of euros. Therefore, Hungary remains in its position — it will support the oil embargo if it applies only to tankers and oil pipelines are excluded from there.