After the war, Kharkiv will rename all toponyms associated with Russia

Anna Kholodnova

After the war, the Kharkiv City Council renamed all topographical names associated with Russia.

This was announced by Mayor Ihor Terekhov.

"After our victory at the first session of the city council, I will offer deputies options for renaming not only the Moscow district and Moscow Avenue. I think that in the situation of the war unleashed against us, many names of streets, squares, and public transport stops related to Russia should disappear from the map of Kharkiv. Even without these names, it will have a lot of scars that will remind us for a long time of the kind of neighbor there is beyond our eastern and northern borders," he said.

According to Terekhov, in the near future, a special section will appear on the website of the City Council, where all city residents will be able to announce what name should be changed and offer their version.