In Dnipro, 30 streets were renamed, the names of which were associated with Russia

Anna Kholodnova

In the Dnieper, more than 30 streets were renamed, the names of which were associated with Russia.

This was reported by the press service of the city council.

Thus, Konotop, Avdiivska, Volonterska, Chornobayivska and other streets appeared in the city of Dnipro.

Here is a complete list of renamed streets:

  • street 30th Irkutsk Division (Novokodatsky District) — Ukrainian soldiers;
  • street Abkhazska (Sobornyi, Shevchenkivskyi district) — Irpinska;
  • lane Abkhazskyi (Shevchenkivskyi district) — Irpinskyi;
  • street Altaiska (Novokodatsky, Checheliv district) — Chechelivska;
  • street Bilgorodska (Cathedral district) — Science workers;
  • street Bilomorska (Novokodatskyi district) — Chornobayivska;
  • lane Bilomorskyi (Checheliv district) — Chornobayivskyi;
  • lane Buryatskyi (Amur-Lower Dnipro district) — Bucha;
  • lane Vorkutynskyi (Amur-Lower Dnipro district) — Volyovyi;
  • street Domodedovska (Samara district) — Vorzelska;
  • street Kabardinska (Checheliv district) — Hostomelska;
  • street Kronstadtska (Checheliv district) — Borodyanska;
  • street Mahadanska (Industrial, Samara district) — Volunteer;
  • street Mytyshchynska (Novokodatskyi district) — Polska;
  • lane Moscovskyi (Industrial District) — Azovstal;
  • street Orska (Novokodatsky district) — Kramatorska;
  • street Pskovska (Samara district) — Avdiivska;
  • street Pulkovska (Industrial district) — Debaltsevska;
  • street Rostovska (Amur-Lower Dnipro district) — Konotopska;
  • lane Rostovskyi (Amur-Lower Dnipro district) — Konotopskyi;
  • blind alley Rostovskyi (Amur-Lower Dnipro district) — Konotopskyi;
  • street Saratovska (Industrial district) — Novokakhovska;
  • street Sakhalinska (Novokodatsky district) — Bakhmutska;
  • street Tagilska (Amur-Lower Dnipro district) — Novoazovska;
  • lane Tagilsky (Amur-Lower Dnipro district) — Novoazovskyi;
  • street Ufimska (Amur-Lower Dnipro district) — Desnianska;
  • street Khabarivska (Amur-Nizhnedniprovskyi, Industrialnyi district) — Saltivska;
  • street Sheremetyevska (Samara district) — Boryspilska;
  • street Shushinska (Novokodatsky district) — Molochanska;
  • street Yakutska (Novokodatsky district) — Vysokopilska;
  • street Yaroslavska (Shevchenkivskyi district) — Vyshhorodska.

The mayor of Dnipro Borys Filatov noted that he will continue to work in this direction together with the architectural department, the commission, and the public, as there are still many names related to Russia in the city.