The Presidentʼs Office offered Russia “three Mariupol steps”

Anna Kholodnova

The adviser to the head of the Presidentʼs Office, Mykhailo Podoliak, offered Russia three "Mariupol steps" to save people at Azovstal.

“Itʼs Easter-2022. But just now Russia is attacking Mariupolʼs Azovstal without stopping. The place where our civilians and military are stationed is covered with heavy air bombs, artillery fire and intensive concentration of forces and equipment for the assault. Who there gave the order "not to storm"? Podoliak asked.

This order was publicly issued by Vladimir Putin several days ago.

Podoliak invited Russia to think about the remnants of its reputation. Here are three "Mariupol steps" by an adviser to the Presidentʼs Office:

  • to declare a real Easter truce in Mariupol;
  • immediately provide a humanitarian corridor for civilians;
  • agree to a "special round of talks" to pick up or exchange troops.

On April 21, Putin allegedly ordered Russian troops not to storm Mariupolʼs Azovstal.

On April 22, another mass grave was found near Mariupol, which is growing every week.

On April 23, at a press conference in the metro, Volodymyr Zelensky once again stressed that in the event of Russiaʼs destruction of the Ukrainian military defending Mariupol, peace talks with Russia will end.