The murder of 9-year-old Ukrainian Valeria in Germany. The Czech Republic handed over the suspect to the German police

Olha Bereziuk

A 36-year-old citizen of Moldova, who is suspected of murdering 9-year-old Ukrainian Valeria in Germany, was handed over to the German police.

This was reported by the police of Saxony.

The suspect, who appeared before the investigating judge of the district court in the city of Chemnitz on July 10, did not comment on the charges. The judge upheld the issued arrest warrant. The accused is currently in custody in the Saxon Penitentiary.

It should be noted that the suspect in the murder of a 9-year-old Ukrainian girl was detained on June 14 in Prague. Bild wrote that the manʼs name is Andrii, he is the ex-boyfriend of the mother of the dead girl.

  • Nine-year-old Valeria disappeared on June 3 — she left home to go to school by bus, but never showed up at school. There was no alarm, so the girlʼs mother noticed her disappearance only in the evening. She informed the police at around 6.30pm the same day.
  • After more than a week of searching , the body of a child was found in the forest near the town of Debeln. He was found about three kilometers from the house of Valeriaʼs family. Later, the German police confirmed that it was the body of the missing girl. Law enforcement officers are investigating the murder and suspect two men in it: the ex-boyfriend of her mother Nadia (Moldova citizen Andriy), as well as her stalker (50-year-old Ukrainian Hennadiy). The latter has an alibi, the Bild tabloid wrote.
  • The girl lived with her mother in Germany since 2022. Valeriaʼs parents are divorced, dad is serving at the front. After the disappearance of the child, he was given leave and allowed to go to Germany.