The UN believes that Okhmatdyt was “highly likely” to have been hit by a Russian missile. At the time of the impact, there were 670 children there

Oleksandra Opanasenko

Kyiv Childrenʼs Hospital Okhmatdyt was destroyed with a "high probability" as a result of a direct hit by a Russian missile on July 8. This was the conclusion reached by the UN Monitoring Mission on Human Rights in Ukraine.

Reuters writes about it.

The head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine Danielle Bell said that at the time of the attack, there were 670 child patients and about a thousand hospital employees in "Okhmatdyt".

"Video analysis and on-scene assessment indicate a high probability that the childrenʼs hospital suffered a direct hit rather than air defense damage," Bell said.

Bell added that her team, which visited the scene on Monday, could not reach a definitive conclusion, but "the missile appears to have been launched by Russia." Had the hospital staff not moved the children to shelter when the air raid first sounded, the death toll could have been higher.

Meanwhile, Russian propaganda promotes the version that Okhmatdyt was hit by an AIM-120 anti-aircraft missile of the NASAMS anti-aircraft complex or a missile from the American Patriot complex, which are protecting the capital.

Hit on Okhmatdyt

On the morning of July 8, 2024, Russian troops attacked Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih and Dnipro with various types of missiles. One of the missiles hit Ukraineʼs largest childrenʼs hospital Okhmatdyt in Kyiv, destroying it.

As a result, two adults were killed (one of them is 30-year-old nephrologist Svitlana Lukyanchuk) and 32 people were injured when a Russian missile hit Okhmatdyt. 8 children were hospitalized with various injuries.

SBU declares that Okhmatdyt destroyed a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile launched by a bomber during a massive missile attack on Ukraine. In particular, a fragment of the mechanism for opening the wings of the Kh-101 missile, a fragment of the jamming unit of the Kh-101 missile, the middle part of the hull of the Kh-101 cruise missile, a fairing of the tail compartment and a fragment of the hydroblock of the Kh-101 cruise missile, as well as fragments of the engine casing of the cruise missile were found on the territory of the hospital X-101 missiles with display of inventory and serial numbers.

The special service is convinced that it was a targeted missile attack — this is indicated by the flight path, the nature of the damage and numerous videos taken by eyewitnesses. Large-scale destruction — the destruction of the two-story building of the hospital and significant damage to the surrounding buildings — is not characteristic of an air defense missile, but the Kh-101 with a warhead mass of 400 kg can do this.