SE “Dokument” suspended the issuance of documents abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified the situation

Sofiia Telishevska

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine emphasized that the State Enterprise "Dokument" is not under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but is managed by the State Migration Service. Consular services from the department can be obtained by Ukrainians abroad at embassies and consulates.

This explanation was published by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the announcement of the suspension of issuing passports in the institutions of this enterprise, which coincided with the ministryʼs order to temporarily not provide consular services to men aged 18 to 60.

The agency mentioned government resolution No. 443 of April 23, which prohibits sending passports abroad. These are documents issued for men aged 18 to 60. In fact, this explains why Dokument State Enterprise suspended the issuance of ready-made documents.


Since April 23, consular services have been suspended for Ukrainians of military age abroad. The restrictions will apply until the law on mobilization comes into force (May 18), after which consular services can be obtained by updating the data in the territorial recruit centers (TRCs). On the same day, SE "Dokument" announced the suspension of issuing ready-made documents abroad due to "technical reasons". Issue was left only for children 12 years old, as they do not need biometric verification.

After that, more than 300 Ukrainians blocked the passport service in Warsaw with the demand to issue them documents. People have received messages that their documents are ready, but they are being refused.

  • Germany stated that it does not plan to deprive Ukrainian men of mobilization age of refugee status. According to Eurostat, the largest number of Ukrainians live in this country — 1 286 580. And these are only officially registered people who received the status of temporary protection.
  • One of the drafters of the law on mobilization, MP Fedir Venislavskyi explained to Babel that the rule on updating data when providing consular services aims to assess the real mobilization resource within the country. That is, the TRC will know that these people are abroad, and they will not be looking for them in Ukraine and will not spend appropriate resources on this. No one will be deported from abroad, because such mechanisms simply do not exist.
  • On April 24, the Minister of Defense of Poland spoke about his readiness to facilitate the return of men of draft age to Ukraine, but at the same time he did not name any mechanism that would allow this to be implemented.