Germany allocates €576 million to the Czech initiative to purchase shells for Ukraine. These funds will cover 180 000 shells

Kostia Andreikovets

Germany allocates €576 million for the purchase of 180 000 artillery ammunition for Ukraine on the initiative of the Czech Republic.

This was reported to Reuters by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Germany. He says that Germany will account for 40% of the initiative.

Previously, Germany did not disclose the amount of its contribution. These 180 000 shells are included in the previously mentioned second stage of support for the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Germany. According to the plan, Ukraine will receive these ammunitions in the second half of 2024.

The first stage of support is the 18 000 projectiles already handed over at the end of March, and the third is a bilateral agreement between Germany and a third country to supply Ukraine with another 100 000 projectiles from about the fourth quarter.