The ROZETKA warehouse was damaged by the night missile attack on Kyiv

Kostia Andreikovets

During the nighttime massive missile attack on Kyiv, the warehouse and transport of the ROZETKA online store suffered significant damage.

The co-founder of the marketplace Vladyslav Chechotkin announced this on Facebook.

"On the photo is our warehouse, or rather what is left of it. The building was damaged, our cars were damaged, which were turned upside down by the blast wave, the goods were damaged (please forgive me, dear customers, today we may be delayed somewhere with deliveries)," he wrote.

During the strike, there were 99 people on shift in the warehouse, but they went down to the bomb shelter in time. No one was hurt.

  • On the night of March 21, Russian troops attacked Kyiv and the Kyiv region with missiles. 11 Tu-95 bombers launched 29 Kh-101/555 cruise missiles, an Iskander-M or Korean KN-23 ballistic missile was launched from the ground, and a MiG-31K fighter jet launched a Kinzhal aeroballistic missile. The air force said that the air defense shot down all 31 missiles.
  • In the capital, residential buildings, warehouses and cars were damaged by the debris in the Shevchenkivsky, Podilsky and Svyatoshynsky districts. Several residential buildings were destroyed by debris in the region. A total of 10 people were injured. There are no casualties.