Judge Oleksiy Tandyr denies that he was paid a salary while he is in the pre-trial detention center

Kostia Andreikovets, Ghanna Mamonova

Judge Oleksiy Tandyr denies that he was paid a salary while he is in pre-trial detention.

The correspondent of Babel reports, that Tandyr stated this at the meeting of the Sviatoshyn Court of Kyiv.

According to the judge, his salary was not transferred to his bank card for half a year.

"At the end of November — at the beginning of December, I was paid my salary for the first time for seven months. This is a purely accrued salary. There are taxes. About 20 percent and so on. Even the amounts indicated in the press are not what they are. For some reason, no one asks what my children eat when I am in the pre-trial detention center," Tandyr noted.

Babel was informed on December 13 by the administration of the State Judicial Administration in the Kyiv region that since the accident at the checkpoint in Kyiv, judges have been receiving salary in the Makarivsky district court of the Kyiv region. It is 63 thousand hryvnias. Allowances for years of service and for a scientific degree were removed from Tandyr. Also, he is not paid an allowance for administrative work — after his arrest, Tandyr resigned as the head of the court.

Tandyrʼs salary with allowances was approximately 100 000 hryvnias. From March to May 2023, Tandyr received a total of 305 867 hryvnias.

  • On May 26, the head of the Makarivsky district court of the Kyiv region Oleksiy Tandyr hit 22-year-old National Guardsman Vadym Bondarenko, who was on duty at the checkpoint (Beresteysky prospect — the entrance to Kyiv from the Zhytomyr highway), in a Lexus ES350 three minutes before the start of the curfew. Vadym was thrown 30 meters from the impact. He hit the windshield with his head and died instantly.
  • The examination established that Oleksiy Tandyr submitted water and saliva for analysis instead of urine — this is how he tried to falsify the examination so that it did not prove his state of intoxication at the time of the accident.
  • On December 15, Babel learned that Oleksiy Tandyr had transferred the property to his wife and divorced her. In fact, he got rid of the property, the arrest of which was requested by the family of the fallen National Guardsman.
  • After the accident, Tandyr is in the pre-trial detention center. The last time his detention was extended until December 25, 2023. The trial against him began in the Sviatoshynsky court of Kyiv. Tandyr faces up to 10 years in prison.