The US imposed sanctions against seven people and three companies for supplying electronics to Russia

Liza Brovko

Washington has imposed export restrictions on seven people and three companies that were part of a global scheme to procure dual-use electronics for end-users in Russia.

This is stated in the statement of the US Bureau of Industry and Security.

Mykola Goltsev, Salimjon Nasriddinov, Khrystyna Puzyryova, Oleg Zenchenko, Kateryna Vetoshkina, Pavlo Chernikov, Volodymyr Bochkaryev were included in the new sanctions list.

SH Brothers Group Inc. (SH Brothers), S.N. Electronics, Inc. (SN Electronics) and Suntronic FZE (Suntronic) companies also entered there. They are located in the USA and UAE.

Some of the electronics that these people and companies sent to the Russian Federation were found in the Russian Torn-MDM radio reconnaissance and RB-301B Borysoglibsk-2 electronic warfare systems, the Izdelie 305E light multi-purpose guided missile, Ka-52 helicopters, drones Orlan-10" and T-72B3 battle tanks.

  • Russia can still supply numerous sanctioned goods through third countries. The import of semiconductors, integrated circuits and other technologies from Kazakhstan, the UAE, Turkey, and China to Russia has recently increased sharply.
  • The New York Times newspaper wrote that the Russians have learned how to overcome Western sanctions and not stop the production of missiles. As a result, the production of rockets exceeded the pre-war level, and Russia produces seven times more ammunition than all the countries of the West combined.
  • At the end of January, Dutch journalists reported that microcircuits from Dutch companies, despite the sanctions, still end up in Russia. They are delivered there through Chinese intermediaries. Before that, the Administration of the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, provided the Chinese government with evidence that China is helping Russia in the war with Ukraine.