Investigation: Russia receives microchips from the Netherlands through Chinese intermediaries

Sofiia Telishevska

Microcircuits of Dutch companies, despite the sanctions, still end up in Russia. They are delivered there through Chinese intermediaries, according to a journalistic investigation by NOS and Nieuwsuur.

The material claims that a small group of Chinese companies buy chips in the Netherlands and then export them to Russia.

The mentioned chips are mainly made by large manufacturers, in particular NXP and Nexperia. NXP chips were recently discovered in a disassembled Russian armored howitzer, cruise missile and attack helicopter. Chips from NXP and Nexperia were also detected in Russian drones, and an NXP chip was found in an Iranian kamikaze drone.

The companies themselves say that they follow the sanctions rules and do not do business with Russia. Their customers are also prohibited from selling these chips to the Kremlin, but the companies acknowledge that they are powerless if the chips end up in Russia as a result of parallel trade.