Denmark will transfer another 45 tanks to Ukraine

Anna Kholodnova

Denmark will transfer 45 more tanks to Ukraine. These will be 15 modernized T-72EAs, as well as 30 Leopard 1s.

This was stated by Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen during a meeting at the American military base "Ramstein" in Germany.

According to him, T-72EA tanks can be immediately included in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while the use of Leopard by the Ukrainian military requires additional training.

  • Denmark has already provided Ukraine with anti-aircraft weapons and Leopard family 1 and 2 tanks. Denmark also trains Ukrainian tankers and fighter pilots. The country promises to transfer 19 F-16 aircraft to Ukraine in the future.
  • Part of the 5.8 billion Danish kroner ($833 million) that Denmark provided to Ukraine last week was spent on the tanks. The total amount is divided into three stages — 4.3 billion Danish kroner ($617 million) allocated for this year, 1.4 billion ($209 million) for 2024 and 52 million ($7 million) for 2025.