Bulgarian farmers have blocked roads in the country — they are protesting against the import of Ukrainian grain

Liza Brovko

In Bulgaria, farmers staged a protest over the lifting of the embargo on the import of Ukrainian grain. They blocked the main roads of the country.

Forbes Bulgaria writes about it.

On the main roads, agrarians set up large machinery (tractors, harvesters, etc.), blocking traffic. Their main demand is to restore the ban on the import of grain from Ukraine.

At the weekend, Prime Minister Mykola Denkov said that Bulgarian farmers "in recent days have started to behave like terrorists" because they "use false arguments, make demands that it be done immediately, if you donʼt do it, we will block the country."

Denkov also said that the protesters initially refused to negotiate with the Minister of Agriculture Kiril Vatev, and with him as well. The Prime Minister invited the farmers to a meeting for the second time.