The sunken Russian ship “Olenegorsky Miner” was towed from the berth in Novorossiysk. Presumably, it is going for repairs

Kostia Andreikovets

The large amphibious assault ship "Olenegorsky Miner" assigned to the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy, which was damaged by a drone attack on August 4, was towed from the berth in Novorossiysk.

"Radio Svoboda" writes about this with reference to fresh satellite images from Planet, taken on August 7.

In the photo, a large amphibious ship can be seen in Novorossiysk harbor accompanied by two tugboats. Previously, it stood near berth No. 8. Analysts of the InformNapalm volunteer community, based on the tracking of tugs, assumed that the ship was being moved to a floating dock in another part of the port, that is, for repairs.

«Радіо Свобода» / Planet

If this dock is suitable for repairs (according to one version, a dry dock is needed, which is not available in Novorossiysk), then, most likely, the ship will be repaired for a long time. As an example, the publication cites the large amphibious assault ship Yamal, which was damaged after a collision with a foreign ship at the end of 2017 and was repaired only in March 2023.