The United States will provide $325 million in military aid to Ukraine. What is included in the new package

Liza Brovko

The United States announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth $325 million. It includes:

  • ammunition for NASAMS and HIMARS;
  • anti-aircraft complexes Stinger;
  • 155 and 105 mm caliber artillery shells;
  • 15 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles;
  • 10 Stryker armored personnel carriers;
  • Javelin systems;
  • tube-launched missiles with optical tracking and wire guidance (TOW);
  • AT-4 anti-tank systems;
  • more than 22 million cartridges for small arms and grenades;
  • explosive munitions to remove obstacles;
  • means of supporting tactical secure communication;
  • spare parts and other field equipment.

The Pentagon assures that the US will continue to work with its allies and partners to meet Ukraineʼs battlefield and long-term defense needs.

  • Earlier, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the administration of US President Joe Biden is likely to provide the Defense Forces of Ukraine with armor-piercing projectiles with depleted uranium. You can find out what depleted uranium is here.
  • On the same day, Great Britain also announced a new package of military aid. It promises to provide equipment worth £92 million.