The Air Force: The Russians attacked Ukraine for the first time with six Kinzhals at a time

Anna Kholodnova

For the first time, Russian troops bombarded Ukraine with such a large number of different types of missiles. In particular, the enemy released six Kinzhals.

This was stated by the Air Force spokesman Yurii Ignat on the air of the telethon.

In particular, the enemy fired six Kinzhal missiles, which are carried by MiG-31K interceptors. Some of these aircraft are now based in Belarus. In total, 81 missile launches took place over Ukraine. The occupiers attacked with various types of aircraft and ships from all directions, in fact from three seas — the Black, Azov and Caspian seas.

According to Ignat, the Ukrainian Air Defense currently does not have the means to intercept some of the missiles — these are the S-300 anti-aircraft guided missile, which the occupiers actually launch on the front-line areas every day, it flies along a ballistic trajectory (there were 13 of them on March 9) and the Kinzhal aeroballistic missile» (there were six of them).

"I donʼt remember that so many Kinzhals were launched in one shot during this war. The enemy does not have many of these missiles, it is about dozens (according to intelligence, up to 50)... The enemy also launched six X-22 missiles, the most destructive missiles (950 kg warhead)," noted the spokesman of the Air Force.

He also added that, in general, this does not indicate any "change in tactics" by the Russians. Since the first days of the war, the occupiers have been attacking from different directions.